It’s been a while since I started giving regular WordPress classes and workshops. Recently, I was approached by the Skillshare platform who encouraged me to build an online course around WordPress. Saying yes was definitely not an easy decision, but I finally decided to give it a try.

Build and Customize a Modern WordPress Front Page in One Hour – is a 48 minutes course that suits beginners and more advanced users.

The beginners will be guided step by step. I show how to set up a WordPress site with one of the popular hostings. How to access the WordPress dashboard, configure WordPress, install a theme and plugins. Next, we dive into editing content with Gutenberg.

Finally, I explain how HTML and CSS work and we add some personal touch to our website with custom css code. These two parts can be interesting and challenging also for more advanced users.

If you follow along, after one our,  you end up with a simple modern portfolio-type front page and a few new skills in your toolbox.

The following link will give you two months of free access to my class and all other premium videos on Skillshare.



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I'm a front-end developer, WordPress developer and trainer. Otherwise coding, cooking and doing yoga. Polish, married to a french guy Joe Vains with whom we live in the very center of Paris.
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