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Yosemite Folder

46 OSX Yosemite Folders Icons + Free PSD Template

Apple has just released OS X Yosemite with a new design. So here is a pack with 46 custom folders icons…

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96 Free Drive Icons + PSD Template

I'm very proud to offer this pack of 96 icons that can be used to customize your hard drives.

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Social Clouds

90 Social Clouds v2

A few month ago, I made a social icon set called “Social Clouds“. At the time, there were only 16 icons…

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80+ Social “Orbs” Icons

Hi folks! Today, I offer you a nice pack of social icons (again? yes…) in PNG format and in 7 different…

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75 Socialentine Icons

Here is a free pack of 75 social icons in heart shape for Valentine’s day. They are available in PNG…

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Social Smarties

46 Social Smarties Icons

We all know that : officially, we can’t use the official logos of our usual social networks. It is legally…

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75 Free Buttons For Online Payment Service Providers

75 Free Buttons For Online Payment Service Providers

For a commercial site, and with the proliferation of online payment services, you may need to have buttons showing the…

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Leather Social Icon Set

48 Leather Social Icons

This is another nice new pack of 48 icons showing the various social networks, as treated leather, 100% leather. You…

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Simple Colored Social Icons

Here is a pack of very simple and minimalist social icons, echoing the colors of different social networks. You can…

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