This weekend, I prepared a nearly complete UI set that you can download in PSD format. I hope you enjoy these items and you’ll use them in your future designs. Let me know!

Terms of use :

This UI set is free for personal and commercial use. You are allowed to use it in your projects, change it and adapt for your purposes. We do not require that you give us credits. Still, all references to our site, myself or this article are always highly appreciated.

You are not allowed to just copy and sell this set. You are not allowed to re-share it without mentioning our authorship and a link to
If you mention this post somewhere else, please don’t just copy the entire article. You are not allowed to link directly to our .zip files, always link to this article.

My real name is Sylvain Guizard. I'm a (proud) french graphic designer based in Paris.
I love 3 "P" in my life : PeHaa, Photoshop and Paris. You can follow @JoeVains on Twitter and Dribbble. Now, you know...


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  1. Hello

    I am just getting started with web design and really interested in
    learning more about css effects such as you show in your tutorials

    Im trying to find out how to use graphics similar to your soft beige
    UI or vector equivalents in my web page designs.

    Mainly how to use the forms IE:contact and search and make them function
    using css styles.

    Do you have any tutorials or can you direct me somewhere for some simple forms
    css styles?

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